Why Choose Us!

Why Choose North Broadfoot Gribbon?

The principals of North Broadfoot Gribbon Inc. are members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) and part of that liability program. The AIC is a national governing body that has instituted strict standards and re-certification for all its designated members. We have over 40 years of real estate appraisal experience.

Why an appraisal by a member of AIC?

  1. A real estate appraisal provides an independent objective value of your property.
  2. Experience: AIC members earn their designation through supervised appraisal work in the real estate market as well as an extensive university level educational program.
  3. The AIC governs its members through a strict code, The Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Practice (CUSPAP). A five year cycle of recertification credits continues and strengthens appraisal techniques.
  4. Acceptability: Appraisals performed by AIC members are recognized by lending institutions as well as all levels of Canadian Governments and judicial bodies, among others.

Why use our service?

North Broadfoot Gribbon Inc. does not sell or market real estate. Our company works full time on the appraisal of real estate. You can limit your liability by being assured that all appraisals are performed by members in good standing of the Appraisal Institute of Canada.