Our Services


North Broadfoot Gribbon Inc. does not sell or market real estate. Our company works full time on the appraisal of real estate. You can limit your liability by being assured that all appraisals are performed by members in good standing of the Appraisal Institute of Canada.


Let us help you transition through life changes. Unfortunately, life happens.

In the event of a death let us be there to support you with an appraisal of market value by a designated AIC member. Effective date of appraisals can be back dated to the time of passing to ensure accurate documents to be submitted to the CRA or other parties.


Division of Matrimonial Assets

When divorce or separation occur, both spouses require an asset division valuation for real estate holdings.


Get ahead of the CRA

Get a head of the Canadian Revenue Agency by getting an appraisal done by a designated member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. An appraisal completed by a designated AIC member is (one of the) only legal document accepted by the CRA as proof of market value at any given date and will smooth of the process of claiming capital gains at tax time. Diligent accountants routinely suggest their clients contract an appraiser when (converting) a primary residence to a rental property. Reach out for more information on a capital gains appraisal and let us help you get your records in order!


Our appraisals are accepted by all lenders in Canada including major banks, trust companies, and other private lenders. With combined experience in excess of 75 years in valuating a wide range of property types, including but not limited to residential, multi-unit, vacant lots, and larger rural properties, you can be confident that we’ll provide an accurate market value with competitive pricing and turnaround times. Please feel free to reach out to any of the appraisers for clarification.


Our appraisal team is on the list of most relocation firms, please reach out to determine your specific needs.


Our firm conducts appraisals for owners looking to list and sell their home privately. An unbiased appraisal conducted by designated members of the institute will ensure an accurate valuation in order to list your home competitively in the current market.